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Additional Support and Solutions

My family and clients have benefited from these resources. Click the image or the wording to the side to be taken directly to the site. 


Full disclosure: I earn an affiliate commission in form of rebates and/or discounts from purchases made on these sites. The details are shared in italics.

Meow Meow Tweet: Named after their pets, a small-batch skin care company that creates vegan products with pure, all natural and organic ingredients. My favorite product is their baking soda free deodorant in a glass jar - grapefruit scent.

If a purchase is made on my link, you'll receive $10 off your first order and I'll receive $10 off my next order.

A collection of natural skincare products on a wooden surface to reflect: Natural Needs.


Non-invasive stickers that come in an array of options that have been clinically proven to reduce body pain and anxiety. I used these daily as I was studying for the board exam.

I earn 10-20% commission on purchases made. Percentages reset monthly.

Non-invasive stickers that are called ear seeds to represent: On-the-spot relief.


Formerly EBates. IYKYK. What a "fun" surprise when my favorite online retailer participates in cash back that shows up in my account 90 days later.

Join with my link, spend $30 and we both get $30. Download the free extension on your browser.

A group of women and men with smiling faces to represent: More Funds For Fun.
Inside Savings


Receive cash back on multiple products from a variety of stores. Create in-person store favorites and link some online store accounts. 

Download the free Ibotta app and enter referral code: XXBLIKP. We both receive $10.

A woman is paying for her items at the register with a male clerk to represent: Inside Savings.

Alternative Balance:

Get professional liability insurance at an affordable price. This is for employers, professionals, students and part-time workers in the health, beauty, fitness and wellness industries. It covers over 500 trades.

For every sign-up on my link, I earn $20. This does not increase your cost. 

An image of four people with an umbrella overhead to represent coverage.


An online marketplace to shop and support military & first responder families. Your support means the world to our community! 

I earn 2% commission when you make a purchase using my link.

Spouse-ly and Giving Families.png


Linked here are pieces of jewelry that remind us of our collective beauty and strength.

On the link, search Halsa Zen necklace. I wear this piece to remind me to slow down, breathe, and center myself. 

I earn commission on purchases you make through my link; this does not increase your cost.

Blue, purple, orange, yellow, and red colors swirled into a circle.
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