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"Enriching your life by planting the seeds of healthy living and partnering with you on your personal pathway to wellness."

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Choose Conveying Awareness


Dream with me for a second.


Imagine waking up tomorrow with renewed confidence in yourself and your passion for wellbeing reignited. You are feeling better, you have clarity, and you are fervently pursuing what fills you up!

Are you ready to explore the next steps together? 


Collectively, we will take steps to uncover what drives you and align those needs with your overall wellness goals. 

I create a safe space to serve the wellness needs of my clients through reflective listening, active empathy, and appreciative inquiry.  

Conveying Awareness is a wellness and lifestyle business. As a current client, you’ll be fully supported as you navigate your wellness journey!


Link arms with Jessica David today!


Are you a small business owner, a solopreneur, or simply someone who is often overscheduled? You've been ready to take some steps forward. I welcome you to my page - let's begin the conversation.

Think about this: What would more time for you look like?

Discover what's possible as you design your personal pathway to wellness. 

To begin, all new clients start with a no-cost Discovery Session. Read more about the Discovery Session.

Conveying Awareness holds a client's autonomy in the highest regard, and through mutual respect and a positive approach to change, you have the potential to make your greatest wellness aspirations a true and personal lived experience. I'm here for you!

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