"Enriching your life by planting the seeds of healthy living and partnering with you in your wellness journey."

Why Conveying Awareness?


Dream with me for a second.


Imagine waking up tomorrow with renewed confidence in yourself and your passion for wellbeing reignited. You are feeling better, you have clarity, and you are fervently pursuing what fills you up!

Are you ready to explore the next steps together? 


Collectively, we will take steps to uncover what drives you and align those needs with your overall wellness goals. 

I create a safe space to serve the wellness needs of my clients through reflective listening, active empathy, and appreciative inquiry.  

Conveying Awareness is a wellness and lifestyle business. As a current client, you’ll be fully supported as you navigate your wellness journey!


Link arms with Jessica David today!


I enrich people's lives through the cultivation of healthy living; honoring their unique needs and values with appreciation and empathy in action. 


Conveying Awareness holds a client's autonomy in highest regard, and through mutual respect and a positive approach to change, one has the potential to make their greatest wellness aspirations a true and personal lived experience.

Partner with Jessica David in your wellness journey! 

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Start Here

Discovery Call. Are we a good fit for each other? If you've not met with me before, schedule a 30-minute discovery call. No cost. 

Coaching Packages

Rediscover Your Wellness Path

This is the 4-week package. Meet once a week for four weeks consecutively. (30 minute sessions)

Manifest Your Wellness

This is the 12-week package. Meet once a week for twelve weeks consecutively. (Mix of 30 and 45 minute sessions)

Practice Mindful Living

This is the month-to-month package and available to clients who have completed a 4- or 12-week package within the last 12 months. Meet twice during four weeks. (30 minute and 45 minute sessions)

Lifestyle Management

This is the annual check-in and is available to clients who have completed at least one package within the last twelve months. (1 hour)

Health & Wellness Coaching

This is the per-session rate and this service is ideal for clients primarily looking for flexibility in scheduling. (Online)

Prime Time Health

(Up to 6 weeks; self-paced class)

People spend a lifetime investing in their retirement account yet when they retire, they realize they didn’t invest enough in their health and aren’t really enjoying retirement. This is a healthy aging program for the 40+ crowd. (Online)

L.E.A.N. Start

(Up to 8 weeks; self-paced class) ­

L.E.A.N. is an acronym for Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition. You are one step away from receiving valuable tools that will help you learn and practice real solutions for better health; the online workshop series addresses some of the most common problems faced by families today. (Virtual) Awesome choice for homeschoolers! 

Small Group Coaching

Choose from five different topics:

* STRONGER | Gratitude

* Self-Worth | Movement

* Strengthen Decision Making

* Traffic Light Eating

* Pregnancy Wellness

Sessions are 30 minutes. Online. 

Virtual Pantry Makeover

This is an add-on service that a client can choose after completing at least one wellness coaching session on the nutrition fundamentals approach. This is also a complimentary service option to clients booking a 12-week coaching package.

Meet once, up to 90 minutes.

Preparing Jams

Group presentations and workshop series are available for institutional assistance. Conveying Awareness offers simple, convenient, cost-­effective ways to motivate individuals in the prevention of nutrition ­related diseases. Ask her about co-creating a plan for your work place/learning center.

Please note: The information shared in a presentation is educational in nature.

Jessica David is a Master Certified Health Coach. She doesn't practice medicine. In other words, Jessica does not advise, treat, or prescribe. Sessions are client-centered, educational in nature, and are on the foundation of MI, AI, and CC. Client may ask for recommendations and with their permission, the coach can offer guidance. Decisions of which direction to take are ultimately up to the client. The coach creates a safe place for open dialogue where clients can discover their strengths, gifts, and explore their goals and dreams.
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