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Client Testimonials

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Tatiana Edwards

Jessica David is an amazing human period. We met through our kids and have been in each other’s lives for some years now. She has been a sounding board for my mental, emotional, and health concerns. She has been professional and personable with every interaction. She listens and understands the human need for self-care and nurturing.

Under her tutelage as a coach, I found myself walking lighter and thinking with a brighter outlook. As we went on this journey of growth for myself, I was able to develop a solid plan. A plan that looked and felt realistic.

I love waking up every morning to my board of reminders and the plan for myself. I could not ask for a better person as a coach and friend. She has been worth every minute of my time. I cannot speak more highly of her. Conveying Awareness was an eye-opening experience, and I would recommend anyone to her for services.

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Dulce RU

I am so glad I took the L.E.A.N. Start Class by Jessica David.


This class has been a great reminder that I can do better to improve my family's health habits. The lessons are simple and easy to follow. They are short and to the point. I loved the family challenges and setting my own goals. I love how the family can sit, watch, and learn healthy habits/tips.


I highly recommend this class to anyone. 

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Monica E. Unseld, Ph.D., MPH

When I think back to my coaching sessions with Jessica, I was in the middle of what I imagined would be a frightening journey to begin working for myself. As someone who often struggles with self-confidence, I am grateful for Jessica's coaching sessions. Working with Jessica was a natural fit; it never felt like I was being coached. Within a few sessions, she was able to help me break down my goals into workable and non-intimidating tasks. Jessica made me feel like my goals were possible. I was hesitant to accept that truth. She made it real to me. 

With her gentle guidance, she helped me realize my own strengths and desires. I even displayed some of the tools we explored together on the wall in my office to remind myself daily of my vision for myself and my organization. I am convinced that without these sessions, I would be asking more “what ifs,” instead of “whens.” I highly recommend wellness coaching with Conveying Awareness.

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