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Jessica is an amazing professional who has helped me in my health journey.


She created an environment where I felt safe and able to truly think about my mental and physical wellbeing; how to be intentional and focused.


If you want someone who is knowledgeable, caring, empathetic, and someone who can help change your health, Conveying Awareness is the place!!

— Ericka E. Kelly

Client met Nov-Dec 2021.

Lori Morris

Jessica has helped me believe in myself, encouraged me, listened to me, and has helped me discover what I need to do to become who I want to be.

I have a vision now; I am headed down a path with a game plan... I’m focused and feel calm, a first at age 60!

Jessica listens, guides, and really cares about helping me be a better person and achieve my dreams!

I highly recommend Conveying Awareness!!

— Lori Morris

Client met Nov '21-Mar 22.

My family really enjoyed the L.E.A.N. Start program with Jessica! 


As a homeschooling family, I had planned for it to be a health and nutrition class for my children. After the first session, I quickly realized that this class would be most beneficial for our entire family. Every member of our household got involved! The exposure and knowledge that we obtained from the class has changed our way of grocery shopping, eating and exercising. We loved the family hands-on activities, healthy snack recipes, and goal setting. Jessica was very supportive with answers and explanations to our questions via message along the way. It was really nice to see and talk with her virtually for our close out session of the class. We learned so much information!


I know that we all will remember it for years to come.


Thanks for a great class!

—Tameka Brown

Nov'20 - Jan '21

Woman Baking

Jessica has been an incredible resource for me, personally, as I focus on living a healthy lifestyle and a valuable asset for my family as well. Her online resources keep me on track and provide inspiration and ideas for menus, habit adjustments and much more.

I've also consulted with her one-on-one through telephone consultations and have found these to be so valuable. I absolutely benefit from Jessica's authentic commitment to building a healthier world: one person, family and community at a time! 

— Jen Fischer

Jen was one of my first fully 

online clients. 

Organic Vegetables

I am currently in the middle of what could be a frightening journey to begin working for myself. (I’m also doing this during the middle of a pandemic.) As someone who often struggles with self-confidence, I am so grateful for the coaching sessions with Jessica.


Working with Jessica was a natural fit; it never felt like I was being coached. Within a few sessions, she was able to help me break down my goals into workable and non-intimidating tasks. With her gentle guidance, she helped me realize my own strengths and desires. I even displayed our worksheets in my office to remind myself daily of my vision for myself and my organization. I am convinced that without these sessions, I would be asking more “what ifs,” instead of “whens.”

I highly recommend wellness coaching with Conveying Awareness.

— Monica E. Unseld, Ph.D, MPH

Jul-Aug '21


Having worked with Jessica over a 6-week period, I have found myself focusing more on improving my lifestyle, the way I eat, and the way I word my thoughts (from I hope that I can do this to I am going to do this).


She provided me with some great tools for getting my day started with the right mindset and adding more movement throughout the day. With Jessica’s guidance, I gave voice to my goals and vision with renewed confidence.


Jessica is a great coach. She creates conversations around helping clients take personal responsibility. For me, I am making considerable and forward efforts in my life, and I am excited about my future.


Jessica provides just the right amount of validation for your thoughts and actions. She is a true professional and I look forward to working with her more in the future.


Thank you very much for all you have helped me with to get to my vision.

— Sean O'Leary

Dec '21-Feb '22