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About Your Coach, Jessica


Who is Jessica David, NBC-HWC?


Jessica is a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach and the owner and founder of Conveying Awareness.

Jessica helps increase her client’s wellness and their certainty of reaching their goals in a shorter time. She does this by establishing trust, respectfully informing, supporting mindful choices and actions, and listening with empathy all while utilizing motivational interviewing, appreciative inquiry, and compassionate communication.

Jessica believes that when clients feel valued and respected; safe and nurtured, they are free to grow, learn, and increase their awareness on wellness matters that are important to them. She meets with a broad range of clients helping them to cultivate their renewed commitment to self and ultimately, forward progress in their wellness journey.

Jessica earned her first health coaching certification in 2012. Advanced coaching in 2021. Board Certified in 2022. 

We'll co-create the path toward your desired well-being. I'll come alongside you in this pursuit.  

Your coach, Jessica

Jessica is accepting new clients. Online and in-person sessions are available. Jessica serves clients in all 50 U.S. states as well as our U.S. military and their dependents stationed overseas.

Jessica primarily works with solopreneurs, aspiring business owners, and other overscheduled people. 

In addition to working with adult clients, Jessica is also an approved vendor for homeschool charters through her partnership with The Village Tehachapi offering virtual small group workshops and facilitating self-paced online classes for groups of up to 20 enrolled families. 

All new 1:1 clients must meet first for a no-cost Discovery Session, and before coaching begins, a Welcome Packet completed and submitted. Some services require an Intake form be completed forty-eight hours before the session. 

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