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Jessica is accepting new clients.

As of January 1st, 4- and 12-week coaching packages are available. Clients can book pay-as-you-go sessions as well. Visit the Services tab to learn of other offerings.

Jessica primarily works with solopreneurs and aspiring small business owners who are responsible for other humans. This client is typically in their 30s-40s, however, she has been sought after by almost everyone. The average client age is in their 50s.

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2021: Master Certification in Health Coaching, Dr. Sears Wellness Institute
2019-2021: Indian Wells Valley Birth Resource Network (IWVBRN), co-creator, California 

2018: Entrepreneurship (IECE) CSUSB  

2017-2018: Dr. Brene' Brown's Brave Leaders Inc. Leadership & Courage 

2014-2017: Co-founded, co-lead Indian Wells Valley Holistic Moms Network chapter, California

2012: Certified Health Coach, Dr. Sears Wellness Institute

2007: Management & HR Studies, B.S., cum laude, UMGC

2004: Co-founded, co-lead Women on Campus at CSM, Maryland
Who is Jessica David, MCHC?


Jessica David is a Master Certified Health Coach and the owner and founder of Conveying Awareness. Jessica helps increase her client’s wellness by establishing trust, respectfully informing, supporting mindful choices and actions, listening with empathy, while utilizing positive psychology through motivational interviewing, appreciative inquiry, and compassionate communication.


Jessica has been supporting busy individuals through a collaborative wellness coaching partnership since 2012.


About five years before Jessica became a health coach, she earned her undergrad degree from the University of Maryland Global Campus in Management Studies with a minor in Human Resources Management. She earned honors while living and working abroad. Then, as a new parent, Jessica resonated with the philosophy of America’s Favorite Pediatrician, Dr. Bill Sears, and in 2012, she certified as a Health Coach with the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. In 2021, she earned her Master Certification in Health Coaching. 


Jessica believes that when clients feel valued and respected; safe and nurtured, they are free to grow, learn, and increase their awareness on wellness matters that are important to them. She meets with a broad range of clients helping them to cultivate their renewed commitment to self and ultimately, forward progress in their wellness journey.


Jessica lives in Ridgecrest, California, with her husband, their son, and their adopted cat. She enjoys spending time with her family, taking walks, dancing in her kitchen while cooking, learning new concepts, and game night with friends!

She serves clients living in the United States.

The Vision: Enriching people’s lives through the cultivation of healthy living with appreciation and empathy in action.

The Purpose: Enthusiastically coaching busy individuals seeking a renewed sense of focus and those desiring to implement healthy living strategies that align with their unique needs and values.

The Mission: Conveying Awareness meets with a broad range of clients supporting their desire to grow in their confidence in creating their personal pathway to wellness.

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