About Your Coach, Jessica

Jessica helps people increase their health by holding space for her clients, sharing resources, and imparting food and lifestyle education.




2021: Pursuing Master Certification in Health Coaching, Dr. Sears Wellness Institute


2020: Basics of Diabetes for Non-Clinicians (2.5h), Optimize Goal Setting for Better Patient Outcomes (1.5h), Teaching and Learning in Diabetes Edu (1.5h), Cultural Competence for Diabetes Educators (1.5h) AADE (American Assoc. of Diabetes Educators)

2019: Indian Wells Valley Birth Resource Network (IWVBRN), co-creator and active professional

2018: Entrepreneurship (IECE) CSUSB (40 hours) 

2017-2018: Dr. Brene' Brown's Brave Leaders Inc. Leadership & Courage (16 hours)

2014-2017: Co-founded, co-lead Indian Wells Valley Holistic Moms Network chapter

2012, 2014: Dr. Sears Wellness Institute (60 hours)

2007: UMGC, Management & HR studies, B.S., cum laude

2004: Co-founded, co-lead Women on Campus at CSM

Who is Jessica David, CHC?


Jessica David is a Certified Health Coach and is the founder and owner of Conveying Awareness. Jessica’s strengths include fostering meaningful connections, sharing resources, and simplifying nutritive concepts.

With nearly a decade of health education, in her practice, she focuses on encouraging her clients to center their commitment on choices that support their physical and emotional journey with wellness. 


Conveying Awareness has been leading families to healthier changes that are both attainable and transformational through a collaborative partnership.

With a support team, your practitioner and your health coach, you have the capability to break through health barriers and reach your potential all while honoring your truths, values, and needs.

Jessica earned her health coaching certification through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute in 2012. Jessica respects Dr. Bill Sears since she became a parent in 2008 and through his teachings, she was able to make healthier changes in her own wellness journey with the end goal of feeling better. She desires to connect these resources to other individuals who may be overwhelmed, feel isolated, or simply need the reassurance that they are making right-fit choices.

Jessica facilitates the client’s understanding of wellness principles but ultimately, the client is the  leader in their wellness choices. She meets with a broad range of clients and holds space for them while they navigate embracing their truths.

Jessica lives in Ridgecrest, California with her husband, their son, and their adopted cat. She enjoys taking walks (California has some of the best sunsets!), learning new concepts and perspectives, collectively formulating new ideas, developing these concepts to fruition, volunteering, and advocating for wellness in her community via education and participating in like-minded activities.

Choose, eat, and live well!

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