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Certified Health Coach

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Jessica David

PO Box 1731

Ridgecrest, CA 93556


Tel: 760-301-6763

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About Jessica

Jessica helps people increase their health by sharing resources and imparting education on food and lifestyle changes.


2018: Entrepreneurship (IECE) CSUSB (40 hours) 

2017-2018: Dr. Brene' Brown's Brave Leaders Inc. Leadership & Courage (16 hours)

2014-2017: Co-founded, co-lead Indian Wells Valley Holistic Moms Network chapter

2012-2013: Dr. Sears Wellness Institute (60 hours)

2007: UMUC, Management & HR studies, B.S., cum laude

2004: Co-founded, co-lead Women on Campus at CSM

My Story


Jessica David is a lifestyle and nutrition coach and is the founder and owner of Conveying Awareness. She supports clients’ discovery of solutions that align with their values and needs. Jessica’s strengths include making meaningful contact, connecting resources, and empathy.


With nearly a decade of health education, in her practice, she focuses on quality and source encouraging clients to center their thoughts on choices that support their physical, emotional, and spiritual walk with wellness. Conveying Awareness has been leading families to healthier changes that are both attainable and transformational through a collaborative partnership.


Jessica works with clients through a self-­guided and self­motivated journey leading them to healthier changes.


She says: "You have the knowledge inside; let’s sort through the knowledge you have gained. There may have been missteps along the way. We will organize the content to keep you on the healthier track!"

Jessica lives in Ridgecrest, California with her husband and their son. She enjoys reading, taking walks, learning new concepts and perspectives, collectively formulating new ideas, developing these concepts to fruition, volunteering, and advocating for wellness in her community via education and participating in like­-minded activities.

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