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Berry Bliss Booch

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Choose mixed berries for your second ferment kombucha for a refreshing surprise!

I'll keep this one short. There are so many awesome recipes online that I'm not going to reinvent the wheel plus I'm not a pro making kombucha. I like it but don't drink it daily. Every now and again, I crave it and I much prefer the homemade over store bought primarily due to taste but cost can be a factor too. I've tagged a link here so that you can learn how to do your first ferment.

Prep steps

The most important part to making your own kombucha is obtaining a SCOBY and for the second ferment, using amber air-tight bottles.

After first ferment...

Once your first ferment is to your taste, you'll pour the kombucha evenly into 6-12 air tight bottles with a couple inches of head space then top with add-ins of your choice. In this rendition, I used frozen then thawed organic mixed berries. I cut them into small pieces because once they absorb the liquid, they will expand, and it'll be tricky getting them out when it's time to pour a glass or clean the bottle.

After each bottle has the liquid and the add-ins, you'll place the air-tight tops on and leave it on the counter out of direct sunlight for up to 10 days. You can temper the top around day 3. Temper means you'll check for carbonation. Be sure to slowly open the top and have the bottle in a bowl or sink in case it has built up enough pressure. If there's not much carbonation then put the top back on for another 2-5 days. Mine are usually good to go around day 5 but this is based on how warm your kitchen is. Don't forget about them! After they're fizzy, stick them in the fridge with the tops in place - they'll last with the tops on for up to 3 months.

(Note: I've left them in the back of the fridge for much longer and they were OK! Some were kind of flat tasting but overall had the nice flavor of the berries without the hit-you-in-the-mouth taste! that I think many carbonated drinks do to me.)

Other add-ins I've used - ginger, lemon-lime but there are so many flavor profiles you can try! This one with the lemons and blueberries looks delightful!

Go here to see my recommendation for the bottles.

Choose, eat, and live well! =)

Disclaimer: This information presented herein is not meant to diagnose or treat. It is for educational and entertainment purposes only. I am not a healthcare professional.

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