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Design Your Life on Your Terms

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

What does designing your life on your terms even mean? Simply, it's living a life that's fulfilling to you. This is a custom made life and it all starts within. A shift in one's mindset might be all that it takes to create the energy towards a purposed filled life. But how to shift?

Relearning to Navigate Again and Again

It takes intentional, focused, and deliberate attention on what we are thinking about, what we are speaking out loud, what we are writing and reading, watching, and listening to. It's relearning how to navigate life with tools that you can learn on this site and in health coaching sessions with me. The most important aspect of the life you desire to lead starts with you! Consider your readiness to shift by taking the first step. If you're new to this idea, you're in the right place - reading this post is your first step. If you're a pro, reading additional affirming and empowering articles will continue to increase your self-awareness.

I read a profound quote by author, Kimberly Friedmutter, from her book, Subconscious Power:

"The universe will give you more than you can imagine. You need to be ready to embrace what that means physically and perform at top physical level. This starts with self-care. Shore yourself up so you can go the distance and show up for the blessings ahead."

When I read this book, I thought about how much our words (and thoughts) have so much power and influence over what comes next-how we respond, what decisions we make, and how we show up for others, including ourselves.

You can design your life on your terms by … renewing your focus, increasing self-confidence, and gaining next step clarity.

Think about your busiest day and now flip it. This day is now peaceful and productive. What words do you associate with YOUR best day? Cheerful, energetic, stable, flexible, anchored, zealous, etc. What can you add? Tell us about it in the comments.

This month I had the privilege of returning to the local community college to do a presentation for the CARE program students. Seven years ago, I was invited to present at their annual workshop in the Spring by the then director of the department. The counselor who oversees the CARE program is retiring at the end of the semester and asked me to present on the Benefits of Healthy Eating. When I presented previously, I shared some tips on eating from the real rainbow and I also made my signature green smoothie and sampled it out to all those in attendance - it was a crowd favorite despite the initial reluctance to the 'green' drink. You can find this recipe here.

Increase Your Confidence

A quick back story to the college presentation: Sometime in late 2013, I met the then department director at a Chamber of Commerce monthly meeting. She gave me her business card. I emailed her to inquire about options to present at the college. I also let her know that I was relatively new to the area and would like to learn more about what the college is offering to independent contractors and maybe there would be an opportunity for me to present/teach on campus regularly. I stuck my neck out and I was nervous, to say the least, because an attempt with another organization didn't turn out in my favor but I also knew that we grow when we stretch ourselves. Refining happens through adversity, hearing nos, doors closing, relationships going south... It's a daily act of service to ourselves when we continue to move forward despite the obstacles. Because of the strong belief in my ability, the passion for this rewarding work, and my love for people, I had not one, but two, opportunities to pour into students and faculty at the college and that doesn't even scratch the surface of what I did when I worked there part time for almost 2.5 years. #ForwardFocused

What big thing do you want to pursue? Let's explore the possibilities during a series of health coaching sessions. Book your Initial Consultation here. [Go to Next Steps.]

When I first certified as a health coach, I had just moved to Ridgecrest, CA. I considered this one of the first ways to design my life. I desired to do meaningful work and encourage others in their wellness journey. Over the years, I have had the privilege to speak for organizations, online and in person, and attend many networking events, and I continued to show up. Sometimes the rewards were immediate, while other times, they were revealed in other unexpected ways. Someone once asked me, "If I gave you ten million dollars, would you still coach?" Without hesitation, I replied, YES! Then I started thinking about how I would use those funds to reach more people.

What Do You Dream About?

What makes you happy to get out of bed? If you're not there yet, what are you dreaming about? What steps are you taking to move you in the direction of where you want to be in 90 days, 6 months, or 3 years?

Again, I repeat - You CAN define what matters to you, gain next step clarity, increase confidence, and renew your focus to make time for you.

Could feeling better in your body, improved sleep, overall increased satisfaction, and more energy make a difference in your life?

Consider this: Our thoughts, written and spoken, create the vision before we make the decision.

Want to take any missteps and turn them around for forward progress? Perhaps working with a health coach could help you navigate next steps together. One who can encourage you, offer validation, one who can brainstorm strategies together, co-create next steps to simplify and streamline your efforts, and one who could help you paint a picture of what you can accomplish.

What Are The Key Ingredients?

Dream with me for a second. Consider that you have past successes, role models and/or a support network in place, and that your dreams for a happy and healthier life are within reach. You are the expert on what matters to you and you believe that self-care is vital and an integral part of your life's journey. You've been independent and strong because that's all you've known but you'd like to soften the edges, let your guard down a little, and take a big step forward. Or, you'd like to strengthen your belief in your abilities and increase your confidence and fine tune your thoughts around self-worth. No matter where you're at on your journey, with an open mind, a shift in your mindset, and the commitment to see yourself on the other side of the goal/dream/aspiration are just a few of the key ingredients to designing your life.

Need a fresh outlook? The path is ahead for your wellbeing! Join me for a wellness coaching session. Schedule a no-cost Discovery Call to see if we are a good fit.

We will look at the big picture then narrow the focus to a couple meaningful goals. We may utilize a decisional balance tool to help shape your next steps. You are the author of the roadmap for your wellness journey. Together, we’ll set achievable and realistic goals in a welcoming and safe space focused on your wellbeing. Our conversations will be centered on your current state of health and readiness to change.

In the meantime, take a few minutes every morning to set the intention. Take a couple deep cleansing breaths, and speak positive and empowering thoughts out loud. When we give voice to what matters, we begin to see a shift in how our day will play out, how we respond, and how we show up. If you have a few extra minutes, jot down these thoughts and review it later. You may be surprised to see how life unfolded for you because of the intention you set every morning. Try it.

Design Your Life

If you find that negative self-talk is normal for you due to circumstances beyond your control or from past decisions, let's connect on a wellness session. I have some tools that could help you shift your thoughts and align actions with your values, needs, and goals. The best part is these tools, once learned, and practiced, will always be a part of you. You are wise, strong, capable, and you matter. Stay encouraged in your journey!

Thanks for reading and sharing my posts. Be well!

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Disclaimer: This blog post is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease, condition, or ailment. This information is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Speak with your healthcare provider to see how/if it pertains to your individual needs.

The purpose of this blog is to offer support for your health goals. As of July 2022, Jessica David is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Jessica has ten years of coaching experience and you can consider her an encourager, someone in your corner, a friend, and a professional.

Ready to hire a health coach? Read this article for some of the benefits and how to find us!

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