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Zucchini Pizza Coins

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Zucchini Pizza Coins

I know you'll love these! One of my favorite vegetables is zucchini! Wouldn't you agree it is a versatile whole food?

This is an excellent recipe for a potluck or an appetizer at an entertainment party.

As a Certified Health Coach, I guide clients towards more whole food consumption. One of America's comfort foods is pizza. Here I combine my whole food focused philosophy with our go-to comfort food.

In this recipe, I made a healthier rendition of pizza!

You'll need 7 ingredients and other than the uncured pepperoni, you're likely to have the rest in your kitchen. One thing I like about grocery chains is that they can usually carry the product you want - you just gotta ask! You are welcome to use whatever pepperoni you have on hand or can get locally. I prefer uncured.

What you'll need:

cookie sheet, small bowl, and brush (or use a DIY herb basting brush)

unbleached parchment paper

3-lg zucchini, sliced into coins

herbs of your choice (fresh/dried)

garlic (minced)

organic olive oil (or your choice)

organic marina sauce

uncured pepperoni

cheese (*your choice; I chose mozzarella)

* If you're avoiding dairy, choose a suitable replacement for the topping or simply omit.

Step 1. Wash/rinse zucchini then cut into similar thickness coins and place on lined cookie sheet.

Step 2. In a small bowl, 2 tbs of oil of your choice, 1-2 garlic gloves crushed (or 2 tsp of minced) to your taste, and herbs of choice - oregano or an Italian mix is always a favorite for pizza; thyme, black pepper, basil. Then brush the oil-herb mixture onto each coin.

Step 3. Cover each coin with pepperoni and bake for 15-20 minutes or until the zucchini is cooked through and pepperoni is heated to your liking.

Step 4. When the pizza coins are cooked to your preference, remove from the oven and sprinkle with cheese and back in the oven until melted, about 3 minutes.

Step 5. Let cool for a few moments before taking the first bite!

Step 6. If you don't eat them all, store in an air tight container and reheat or eat cold. They're really good at any temp! They can be a bit messy if eating them as a finger food though.

Enjoy the pepperoni zucchini coins! Satisfying!

Store in the refrigerator in a closed container or covered plate up to 2 days.

What toppings will you choose?

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