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Chocolate Mousse

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

This one is super easy when you have these few items on hand:

Directions + 1 full fat canned coconut milk refrigerated over night, liquid separated. (Reserve some coconut water for mixing if needed.) + 1 scoop of chocolate Complete (Visit Extras and click on Nutrition of 30 then find Complete on its own tab in new product page.)

Mix coconut fat with the scoop of Complete. If too thick, add a splash of the reserved coconut water until the right consistency. Should be thick and creamy. You can keep the liquid for your next smoothie (air tight container)!

Optional: Top with berries! Scrumptious!! I choose organic berries whenever possible.

Makes roughly (2) 6 ounce servings.

Have a fancy but healthier dessert at your next get together!

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